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    Swivels, Grovetec 645-.66 band

    Barrel band set fits Remington 760’s, 7600 and Model Six Pump Actions, 740, 742, 7400, Model Four and other .22 caliber and centerfire rifles with .645˝.660˝diameter barrels. Set includes barrel band, 3/4˝rear wood screw stud, spacer and one pair GT Locking Swivels.

    Swivels, Michaels QD115 U22

    Magnum Band QD sling swivel set fits tube magazines .420" to .470" without dismantling gun. Fits most rimfire rifle with front tube magazine.

    Swivels, Michaels QD115 UMC

    QD sling swivel set to suit most pump-action and auto shotguns.

    Sling Swivels

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