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    Wolf Eyes Nite Hunter torch

    The Wolf Eyes NightHunter is a 4 level (high, medium, low and strobe) torch with an adjustable aspheric lens (like a magnifying glass). This gives it a narrow beam. It also has a tailcap which allows the included tape switch to be screwed in, whilst also allowing for standard use with a push button switch. The adjustment for the beam is via screw focussing system, giving much better tolerance to large calibres than a push pull focussing adjustment. Range It is difficult to quote a range as it has so many variables, the age of ones eyes, the objective size of the scope, the amount of light you require for target ID, etc. A reasonable expectation is 220 metres or so, we tested this unit casually at that distance and had no problems.

    Wolf Eyes Seal High Intensity

    We have now released a new version of the Seal hunting torch - the Seal High Intensity LED Hunting torch - which is now the new standard Seal hunting torch. This version features a more focussed, factory dedomed LED which is able to project further through the large aspheric head - with the naked eye we could see it light up a white card at 500 metres! The Seal Hi Intensity is for those who want the longest throwing hunting torch, have small acreage or need a professional security torch or a search and rescue torch. Of course the Seal High Intensity will throw more light even when used at 150 metres or 200 metres, so if you are someone whose eyes are a little older or prefer more light, the Seal High Intensity would be for you. Due to the tight and powerful beam the High Intensity is a remarkable long throwing torch and would be our recommendation for those who like long distance night hunting and want a rifle mounted LED torch.

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