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    Reloading kits for rifle and handgun cartridges

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    Hornady LNL Classic kit

    Reloading kit with all the equipment you need to start loading. Comes with Lock-N-Load Classic single stage press, powder measure, magnetic scale, Hornady reloading manual set, 3 x LNL bushings, primer catcher, primer feed system, universal loading block, chamfer/deburr tool, primer turning plate and can of One-Shot case lube.

    Lee 50th Anniversary Kit

    All the equipment you need to begin loading: Comes with the new Breech-Lock Challenger press (includes 3 holders), powder thrower, powder scales, powder funnel, case trim cutter / lock stud, Safety-Prime priming system, chamfer/deburr tool, tube of case lube and primer pocket cleaner tool.

    Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit

    This kit replaces the popular 35th Anniversary Kit features the same components as the 50th kit but the Safety Prime has been replaced with the Auto-Prime and a set of Auto-Prime shell holders. This kit is for those who prefer to prime off of the press. Includes the new Breech Lock Challenger Press and three Breech Lock quick-change bushings. Also included is a complete powder handling system, with the most convenient and repeatable Perfect Powder Measure. Plus the Lee Safety Scale, the most sensitive and safest of all powder scales and a Powder Funnel. Case Preparation Tools include a cutter and lock stud to trim your cases. Order the correct case length gauge for the calibers you require. An included Lee chamfer tool chamfers the inside and outside of the case mouth and a tube of premium sizing lube is included. A small and large primer pocket-cleaning tool completes the case preparation package.

    Lee Deluxe 4-hole Turret Press kit

    Lee Deluxe Turret Press Kit with four-hole turret press, auto-index, auto disk powder measure, powder scales, primer pocket cleaner, case cutter & lock stud, chamfer/deburr tool. Dies not included.

    RCBS Partner Starter kit

    Excellent value starter kit for reloading. Comes with Partner press, RC-130 powder scales, case loading block, case lube, deburring tool, primer tray, powder funnel & Speer reloading manual.

    RCBS Reloader Special-5 Kit

    Excellent value kit for reloading. Comes with Reloader Special-5 press, 5-0-5 powder scales, case loading block, case lube kit, primer tray, deburring tool, powder funnel & Speer reloading manual.

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