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    Centrefire Pistol Ammunition

    Ammunition for centrefire pistols and handguns

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    Federal 9mm 124gn Hydra-Shok

    Federal 9mm ammunition, loaded with the 124gn Hydra-Shok bullet. The bullet's center-post hollow-point design provides optimized penetration with consistent, threat-stopping expansion. Packet of 20 cartridges.

    S&B .44 Mag 240gn SP

    Sellior & Bellot .44 Magnum ammuntion, loaded with a 240gn soft-point bullet. Packet of 50 rounds.

    Winchester .357 125gr JHP

    .357 Magnum cartridge loaded with a 125gn jacketed hollow-point bullet. Packet of 50 cartridges.

    Winchester .38 Spl 158gr LRN

    .38 Special cartridge loaded with a 158gn lead round-nose bullet. Packet of 50 cartridges.

    Winchester .38S&W 145gr RN

    .38 Smith & Wesson cartridge loaded with a 145gn lead round nose bullet. Packet of 50 cartridges.

    Winchester .45ACP 230g FMJ

    .45 ACP cartridge loaded with a 230gn full metal jacketed bullet. Packet of 20 cartridges.

    Centrefire Pistol Ammunition

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