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    Chicago Screws, Michaels

    Brass Chicago Screws, 24-pack.

    Stud, GT Machine Screw 7/8"

    Single 7/8" machine screw stud base and nut. Sold individually.

    Studs, Michaels QD115-B

    Set of one each standard QD 7/8" machine screw base, nut and 3/4" rear wood screw base with white spacers only.

    Studs, Michaels QD115-RGS

    Set of one each od 1/2" wood screw, fore-end base and 3/4" rear wood screw base with white spacers only.

    Swivels, Grovetec 645-.66 band

    Barrel band set fits Remington 760’s, 7600 and Model Six Pump Actions, 740, 742, 7400, Model Four and other .22 caliber and centerfire rifles with .645˝.660˝diameter barrels. Set includes barrel band, 3/4˝rear wood screw stud, spacer and one pair GT Locking Swivels.

    Swivels, Grovetec Pump/Auto s/gun set

    Fore end mounts to magazine cap of most pump and auto-loading shotguns. Tubular mounting tool included. 7/8˝ rear wood screw swivel provides solid hold in buttstock.

    Sling Swivels

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